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About HoloWWW Demo Service

HoloWWW Demo Service provides FREE Web Hosting at 56Kbps. 56kbps is the "size of the pipe" that connects your Web pages to the Internet.

HoloWWW Demo service provides an easy, convenient, no-risk solution to establishing a presence on the World Wide Web.

With HoloWWW Demo service you can:

  • Track how many people visit your Web site.
  • Determine the information they are most interested in.
  • Communicate more effectively with the Internet community.
  • Accurately evaluate the performance of your Web site.

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Demo Features

  • Convenient, Instant Setup
    Redeem your coupon through an easy Web form and have service automatically activated in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 56K Service
    Up to 56,000 bits per second of information from your web page can be downloaded.
  • 5MB Disk Storage
    Enough storage for dozens of pictures and hundreds of text pages.
  • Anonymous FTP Downloading
    Provide anonymous FTP access for downloading only. FTP access counts toward your overall bandwidth limit.
  • FTP Uploading
    Easily upload your pages through FTP.
  • Access Reporting
    Browse graphical reports of your sites hits and receive automated e-mail reports detailing hits to your page.
  • Image Maps
    Use image maps to allow web users to click on a spot on an image and go to the URL of your choice.
  • Forms Support
    Have web users fill in forms and mail them to the Internet e-mail address of your choice.
  • Default domains
    Your web site will have a default URL of "http://www.yoursite.holowww.com". Your FTP site will have a default name of "ftp.yoursite.holowww.com".
  • Optional Custom Domains
    Attach a custom domain name to your site and have a URL similar to "http://www.custom.com". Domain names that already exist at HoloNet can be added in minutes. If you have an existing domain with another ISP, we will assist you in working with them to have your domain also attached to your HoloWWW Demo service.
  • Access Counters
    Access counters are available as inline HTML and as inline graphics.
  • Server Push
    Use HoloPush to provide animation without CGI programing.
  • Server Side Includes
    Use HoloSSI for advanced features such as including other files and random URLs, backgrounds, works, & colors.

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Getting Started


  • A web browser, such as Netscape, so you can view your web pages once you have published your site.
  • An FTP client, such as Fetch, to upload your pages for publishing.
  • FTP access to the Internet to use your FTP client.
Setting Up Your Demo:
  1. If you do not have a coupon, Request A FREE Demo Coupon.
  2. Create and test your web pages on your computer.
  3. Redeem Your HoloWWW Demo Coupon
  4. Configure and Administrate your HoloWWW Demo site.
  5. Upload your files using FTP.

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Converting Your Demo

HoloNet will remind you by e-mail you one week before your HoloWWW Demo service expires.

In order to convert your HoloWWW Demo account to regular HoloWWW service, you need a regular HoloNet account (distinct from your free demo site).

Here are the steps to convert your demo:

  1. You must have a HoloNet member account. --> See: Joining
  2. After creating a HoloNet member account, Administrate your HoloWWW Demo site.
  3. Click on "Convert to Regular HoloWWW Service".
  4. Enter your new HoloNet member name and password.
  5. Select a rate for your site.
  6. Click "Convert".

After converting your demo, note the following:

  • Administrate your site via the "Member Login" button on the Account Admin page instead.
  • A HoloNet account includes e-mail service, and important correspondence regarding your site and account will be sent to that mailbox rather than to the address you registered for your Demo. Be sure to check your HoloNet mail.

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HoloWWW Demo Terms And Conditions

  1. Offer subject to change without notice.
  2. One demo per person.
  3. Service is subject to HoloNet Terms And Conditions. ( http://www.holonet.net/holonet/terms )

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Contact HoloNet

If you have any questions, let us know. Be sure to include your sitename in all correspondence.

         mail: HoloNet
               Information Access Technologies, Inc.
               2115 Milvia Street 4th Floor
               Berkeley, CA 94534-3473 / U.S.A.

        voice: 510-704-0160
          fax: 510-704-8019
       e-mail: support@holonet.net 
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